“The synth pop sounds of these two are enough to make you dance, and their sound is pretty infectious.”

- Free Press Houston

"The Duo are very like minded individuals with totally different talents that when set to the right tempo create the unique electronic dance sound of The Radio Broadcast."

The Radio Broadcast is a Synth based Live Electronic Duo created in 2008 from the Love of Live Music and Electronic Music. The duo has strong musical influences from the sounds and styles of Crystal Castles,INNERPARTYSYSTEM, Royksopp, You Love Her Coz She's Dead, and many others. TRB has also been influenced by many world renowned DJs and have adapted to the styles and techniques that have come from the DJ culture. 

The two met at a tattoo shop in Ohio in 2005 and instantly connected over the passion for the "alternative" life style. In 2008 the desire to create their own band had grown from their love of music and their ventures to many shows together. They intended to start their own punk band but neither of them knew how to play guitar nor could they find anybody else as dedicated to the craft as they were. The two dug deep into their roots and resurrected their past musical talents. Kristin grew up playing piano and Michael grew up playing drums. Together they studied the sounds and styles of many of their favorite artists and threw trial and error The Radio Broadcast was born in 2008 and by 2009 they hit the ground running.

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